These competitions are based on IMG 3 Gun rules. A Shooting Sport that uses pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun with Firearm transitions. This a fast paced run and gun sport. Load your mags all the way up and solve the stage as you determine. Shots will be from point blank, to 300 yds.

For Info contact:   Jeff Hicks 



NEWS:New IDPA Indoor Match starting at Treasure Chest Guns in McPherson on January 11th, 2015. Check out there website

Steel challenge is a speed shooting competition that consists of all steel targets 

Central Kansas Prairie Shooters is home to some of the best Shooting Sports Competitions in Kansas. It is a huge 6 bay range with Rifle shooting to 300 yards. CKPS hosts IDPA, USPSA, and 3-Gun Matches from March to October. Memberships are available, call or e-mail Jeff Hicks. His info is in the contact page of this site.



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IDPA is the governing body of a  world wide pistol sport based on concealed carry. Pistols are placed in 4 catagories, and shooters are placed in 5 classifications. Only similar pistols, and skill levels shoot against each other. We shoot 6-8 stages per Match, about 150 rds should get you through. There are about 22,000 competitors in 50 countries. All IDPA members shoot the same classifier. This allows you to see where your skills are compared to shooters all over the world.